Acquire new banking customers with the power of conversation

Chat with 900 million potential customers instantly right where they are, in Facebook Messenger. Acquire new customers for your financial institution in completely new and revolutionary way. Create your chatbot in one click!

How it works?

With Botboarding we aim to increase new customer conversions to 10x



  • How your future customers are approached

  • Facebook bot
    In Facebook Messenger, in an app that is already installed on your potential customers' phones

  • NLP, reach media
    Using natural language and rich media content for a novel, yet engaging user experience

  • Proactive
    With a proactive approach, sending personalized notifications at the right time to convert your future customers

  • The power you get

  • Workflow
    Predefined conversation logic for banking products (account, card, loan, investment)

  • Real time analytics
    Real time analytics to optimize your bot’s behaviour and to track lead conversions

  • Integrated
    Integration with your CRM for new qualified prospects and seamless takeover to Live Messaging conversation

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Chat with our showcase bot, Daisy now!

Chat with Daisy, our sassy example bot to showcase the power of Botboarding. Daisy can help you plan your finances or apply for a credit card in a conversational and natural way. Forget forms, bots are the future of acquiring new customers for your financial institution.

Why chatbots?

“By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships with enterprises without interacting with a human.”
Gartner Predicts

The financial industry pays the most for customer acquisition.
One click can cost up to $50, and they lead to clunky landing pages. The answer? Chatbots, here is why:

  • Reach billions of people instantly
  • Have a conversation with your customers, just like a friend
  • No need for app installations
  • Entirely cross platform

Why Us?

With 20 years of industry experience at the forefront of innovation.

Dorsum | Investment software is a leading Wealth Management software provider in the CEE region. With our 20 years of experience with the financial industry, we know what challenges your business is facing. With our Wealth Management Platform family of cross platform software and app solutions we help our customers to deliver world class customer experience.

With Botboarding, we apply all our industry insight and development expertise to create a solution that helps financial institutions acquire new customers in a better way.

  • 20 years experience
  • Customer centric innovation
  • 12 person innovation team
  • 2 industry awards

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Public availability Q1 2017.